Suspension And Motorcycle Set Up Day

Suspension And Motorcycle Set Up Day


Set up day

Limited weekday dates will be available. Timing 09:00 – 15:00.

Start with the basic bike set up, positioning of handlebars, levers, brake pedal etc. suspension basics. To get the most from the machine, sag setting check and adjust if required. Also easy way to check your sag if you’re on your own etc.

Your riding will be monitored, the suspension will be adjusted and set to its optimum performance level for you and your bike. Also riding tips, body position etc. advice which again all gel to help the bike and rider perform to their maximum potential over the varying terrain.

Advice will be given on adjusting your settings of the forks and shock for differing terrain and weather conditions. A simple easy to remember brief, what does what to my suspension and how it affects my bike. At the end of the day you will have been shown how to modify your own bikes suspension and set up for all conditions.

We would expect riders to arrive with serviceable suspension.

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